Twinkler API


This is a test client for the Twinkler API. It calls each method of the Twinkler API and can be used to understand and test the Twinkler API. It also serves as a reference implementation for parties developing systems that interface with Twinkler.


A sign-in to Twinkler must be performed before any other API function is called. Sign-in can be via via email/password, Google or Facebook.

Signing-in by the test client is a two-step process. It starts with a sign-in to Firebase (documentation) using email/password, Google or Facebook credentials. The Firebase response, shown in Sign-in Details, includes an accessToken (a.k.a. idToken). The accessToken is sent to Twinkler for verification. Twinkler verifies the token with Firebase and returns a "success" result to the test client. Twinkler also sets a "session" cookie that is sent by the client in all subsequent transactions.

Location Finder

The Location Finder API has two commands - locfinderlocate and locfinderpng. The first command takes signal strengths for selected coverage and calculates a map of the most likely locations where that signal will be received. The second command returns a PNG file of the coverage map, which is suitable for displaying in a GIS application.

locfinderlocate is an HTTP POST to with the following JSON data:

sig_strs <int>[] -- list of signal strengths (negative numbers)

indoor_loss <int> -- building penetration loss; dBm (negative number, default 0)

One of the following must be present:

     project_name <str> -- the project name

     project_uid <str> -- the project UID

One of the following must be present:

     pr_uids <str>[] -- list of coverage prediction UIDs

     coverage_names <str>[] -- list of coverage prediction names

JSON data is returned:

result -- "success" or "failed"

lf_uid -- UID of the location finder image, used in the locfinderpng command

message -- "Best result is within nnn dBm of target values" if successful, otherwise an error message

best_dbm -- the lowest average signal strength difference

west -- boundary of location finder image

south -- boundary of location finder image

east -- boundary of location finder image

north -- boundary of location finder image

locfinderpng is an HTTP GET to<UID>/<color_scheme>, that returns a png showing the likelihood of location.

UID -- is the value returned by locfinderlocate

color_scheme -- "turbo", "color", "flame", "hotcold", "grey", "red", "green", "blue", "greymono", "redmono", "greenmono", "bluemono"

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Details

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Location Finder

Request to Twinkler

Coverage Identity:    Signal Strength


Response from Twinkler
(north, west),(south, east): (, ), (, )
Image returned by Twinkler
Color Scheme


Image dimensions (width, height): 0, 0

Location finder image